Which came first?

Before you sell you

must know how to bill!

The Benefit Billing System

Manage, Bill,Track your
entire communication process

you vend it – we bill it!

RC Billing and Operation Support System
The System that counts your profit

RC bOSS provides complete solution for management of all activities for every Telecom Operator.

RC bOSS is next generation convergent multi-service, real-time usage based Billing system for VoIP, VPN, PPPoE, Cable Internet, LAN, WiFi,  Dial-up, Web Hosting, Content Hosting, Digital TV and Video on Demand services.

RC bOSS platform includes:

process orchestration

flexible tax calculation, rating
plans, discounts
& promotions

real time multi-service

high performance
activation & authorization

multichannel payments collection

invoicing, according to
applicable tax & law rules

prepaid, post paid & mixed
control of usages and charges

proactive real-time monitoring for DOCSIS, IPTV, PON and fiber/eth.to home

automated ticket distribution,
time & material tracking

real-time subscriber portal for usage tracking, service payment & control

customer relationship
management module

single platform – multiple solutions

RC bOSS is customer oriented

RC bOSS is a multi service platform

RC bOSS is real time, hi -performance, scalable and redundant

RC bOSS ensures full modules interoperability

RC bOSS provisions an easy way to add more services

RC bOSS is an easy-to-use system so you can focus on sales

RC bOSS is MS Windows 2003 based, using MS SQL Server 2000, MS IAS. RC Billing offers support of Oracle and PostgeSQL databases. RC Billing includes AAA connectors for industry standard gatekeepers, MS RAS, MS IIS and others.