RC Mobile TV

RC  Mobile TV application is developed to be integrated with different mobile multiscreen devices, such as tablets and smart phones, using Android and iOS Operation systems. Using open source software and adaptive streaming, one signal can be transcoded several times in order to reach best performance.

RC  Mobile TV application supports browsing of content information and different IPTV modules with your Android or iOS mobile device, such as: Time Shifting and VoD content list. The Application allows online interactions with IPTV servers, such as Time Shifting and VoD servers. The Application supports VoD content list, checking messages and accessing integrated features, such as EPG, PiP, TV Program Reminder, Information services, Parent Control.

The application can work with different web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox.

The service is delivered via Live TV Streaming a combination of modules in the heart of the operation system and by server program, which accepts and forward the customer orders. The configuration describes once the input streams, which the module gives on demand, and second, the parameters of the output streams, which allows one input stream to be broadcasted simultaneously in several different ways, i.e. with or without cashing.