Our Customer Relationship Management System RC CRM offers:

  • Contact management
  • Activity management, planning and reporting;
  • Samples and adverts distribution management, planning and reporting;
  • Representatives activity management and tracking
  • Cost Tracking
  • Business trip reporting;
  • Extensive reporting with interactive graphical data representation;
  • Email integration
  • Mass mailing generation engine
  • Integration with MS Excel
  • Multi Language User interface (currently supported languages are English, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Polish)
  • User Group Access Management both on functionality and data
  • Online Context Sensitive Help

RC CRM is web based extranet system with rich web based user interface that offers to system users functionally of a standard desktop applications. RC CRM is optimized to work with large databases offering multiple data mining options based on multiple criteria's. RC CRM supports regional structure data segmentation based on different area criteria.

RC CRM is implemented in more than 11 countries: Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and others.