RC IPTV Platform

cut the cable!

RC IPTV platform serves 50% from the Bulgarian IPTV market.

Our RC IPTV Platform is designed to provide:

  • fast channel changing < 0.5 sec;
  • compatibility with all network designs;
  • Intuitive and fast user interface;
  • scalability & redundancy;
  • flexibility & extensibility;
  • IPTV service implementation with minimum investments;

Together with our Billing Operation Support System - RC bOSS, R Consulting offers a complete and finished IT solution for Telecom Operators ready to be launched. RC IPTV Platform includes all necessary systems to provide TV, radio or video over IP networks, all tightly integrated by:

  • Billing System
  • Interactive graphic interface for IP set-top boxes (STB client + Middleware server)
  • VoD and Time Shifting servers

RC IPTV turnkey platform includes:

  • IPTV set-top box middleware
  • content delivery platform
  • video-on-demand service
  • time shifting service
  • NPVR service
  • multiscreen option
  • IPTV proactive monitoring service
  • integration with industry approved CAS vendor

End-user Functions:

  • SD and HD Broadcast TV
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Electronic Program Guide (Extended and Mini)
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Video-on-Demand
  • NPVR
  • Time Shifting
  • TV Program reminder
  • Information Services
  • Radio Stations

Operator functions:

  • Channels configuration tool
  • Service packaging tool
  • EPG Content Management tool
  • EPG Importer
  • Recording Management tool
  • VoD Content Management tool
  • Subscriber Management tool
  • Regionalization and personalization of services
  • Playback of SD and HD, MPEG-2 or h.264 encoded video content
  • Playback of MPEG - Audio and Dolby Digital Audio (with Dolby Digital audio bit-streaming via HDMI or S/PDIF)
  • Support of multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitle streams (DVBSUB)
  • Lua Scripting SDK prototypes for weather forecast, exchange calculator, horoscope, currency rates, lottery results
  • Instant Messaging to the subscribers
  • IPTV Monitoring
  • CAS